Land Rover - Glowing Waters

Adventurous photographer Owen Perry follows his curiosity out to the Pacific Northwest to capture the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Owen is joined by Marine Biologist, Mariana Fuentes to explain the science of bioluminescence and Kiliii Fish, a Kayak Builder & Wilderness Photographer, who guides the group to capture the perfect shot.

Due to the extremely lowlight conditions during the dark of night on a new moon, the cameras used in this film required fast lenses that allowed us to film at 400,000 ISO. This allowed a lot of light to enter the sensor and, complimented with a raw image profile, ensured maximum detail. The cameras were also placed on handheld stabilization rigs which allowed for slower shutter speeds and the stability needed to capture the perfect shot while shooting on a moving boat.


In a sense, doing your taxes is like retelling the story of your year. Did you buy a home? Did you get married? Turbo Tax makes filing your taxes easy. We were excited to produce and shoot this spot for our friends at Veracity Colab.


Reality, a church based on the central coast, contacted us to produce a piece to play as an introduction to their recent Easter service. The theme was "the old being made new". That is what we had to work with and thus Resurrect was born. Enjoy!


TEVA puts a ton of thought into their webbings...a TON! These ain't you're average nylon straps boy! The Teva Artist Series, highlights the brilliant minds and inspiration behind these webbing designs. In this first episode of the series we meet Nadine Marchal-Pierrel, the original designer of and inspiration behind Teva's patterned webbings.


Your first triathlon is not about winning. It is about surprising yourself. About accomplishing something that seemed impossible when you started the journey. With each drop of sweat, every blister, every uphill battle you build strength, guts and soul. The only limit to your success is living within your own mind. It is a mental game. But with the right support, training plan, nutrition guidance and gear you will have all the tools you need.

Prepare, Learn, Explore, Shop & Share with Liv:


We partnered with our friends at Veracity Colab to produce and shoot this April Fools piece for Google. It's not to far a stretch from their existing technology...but we can already foresee the complications.


Just outside the city of angles awaits a stunning retreat, where life moves at a contrasting pace, and the day to day worries that once filled your mind are replaced with the wonder that surrounds you. Welcome to Mountain Gate Country Club.

Broadcast commercial for American Golf Corporation by VeracityColab and Venture Visuals.